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The Summer Show Project annnounces winners!


Hello Friends,

Thank you for all your patience.  We had some great applications this year and we enjoyed discovering your work. 

Without further ado, the two winners of this year's TSSP are:

Lisa Elmaleh

Kate Russo

Although we don't have 2nd place, runners up etc., I do want to mention that the following 5 artists placed very highly:

Meike Nixdorf, Wayne Lawrence, Timothy Lee, Christina McPhee & Thomas Jackson.

On behalf of the curators this year, thank you so much for sharing your work with us.  This is the last year of TSSP...but we will be back with some new initiatives in the near future.


Michael Foley


What makes this show more than a clever exercise is the range of established and emerging photographers, with Oliver Boberg, Paola Ventura, David Hilliard, and Lori Nix joined by strong newcomers like Joshua Martinez, Bill Finger, the team of Tribble & Mancenido, and Sa Schloff, whose still-lifes are wonderfully surreal.

The New Yorker  review of "Summer Staged", the 2010 edition of The Summer Show Project as published July 12, 2010


The Summer Show Project offers the unique chance for artists to work directly with FOLEYgallery.  The exhibition will feature one artist that works with photography and one artist that makes works on paper.

This initiative will provide an opportunity for emerging or under represented artists to have their work seen, recognized and reviewed in a professional gallery setting.

Upon acceptance, you will work on your own and with the guidance of gallery owner Michael Foley to create a well curated two person exhibition. 

This is the fifth year for The Summer Show Project. We invite you to submit your work to participate in this unique opportunity and share the experience of exposure, guidance, feedback, community, recognition and support.

We invite artists from all disciplines to apply who work in photography and works on paper.  The Summer Show Project is open to all artists world wide.





Winners announced for TSSP!